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SSME is a small Model Engineering society based in Bitterne, Southampton. We welcome members of all ages, interests and ability to join our friendly society.
  • Friendly
  • Youth Section
  • Portable Track
  • 7 1/4" Ground Level Track
  • 3.5" and 5" Raised Track
  • Running all year round

What's on at SSME?

Public running days

On these days we run trains for the public to ride.   Summer services (every

Winter running

We run for the public on some Sundays during the Winter.

Special events

Upcoming Special Events Saturday 20th April – Spring Rally @ Riverside Park (Members only) Monday 6th

Portable track events

We take our 5″ portable track to a number of local events throughout the year.

Play days

Play days are members only meetings to enable our members to come to the track

Meet the Engines



5 inch GWR 1500 class
The 1700 is a modified GWR class 1500 engine. The Great Western Railway (GWR) 1500 Class is a class of 0-6-0 pannier tank steam locomotive. Despite being a GWR Hawksworth design, all ten (nos 1500-1509) were completed under the administration of the Western Region of British Railways in 1949, just after nationalisation.


5 inch Simplex Southern
Bunny is our engine that is primarily used for running on our portable track. She is a 0-6-0 Southern engine. Bunny is a 5 inch gauge Simplex design loco, it is coal fired. It came to us from Winchester club along with the portable track.


3.5 inch Steam Loco
Britannia was built in 1954 by Mr Kirby. It is well known for doing 5000 actual miles in the 50s and doing 18mph around our track, setting the lap record. It has also pulled a tonne in load. Restored and repaired in the 70s it has been a regular runner on play days - up until its last boiler certificate.


5 inch Petrol
5 inch Petrol loco


7.25 inch Electric
Our mainstay for public runnning on the ground level track. Vulcan is a 7.25 inch gauge bogie loco of 2 hp comprising 1 electric Bosch motor per bogie. It is built from a kit from the Phoenix locos company, from the Titan range. Approx 10 years old and comes with a seperate driving trolley also from Phoenix locos.


7.25 inch Steam Loco

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